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You're Struggling to Get Clients Because...

If you can’t tell me in a few words what your niche is, then I know you're struggling to get clients.

If you can’t describe in one sentence who your ideal client is and how you help them, you're struggling to get clients.

If you don’t have a detailed client avatar, then you're find it hard to create the successful, thriving online business you desire. 

Without a clear message you won't build a following who'll buy from you. 

Unless you have a 'market researched' freebie opt in gift, created specifically for your target market, you'll struggle to get an email list of subscribers. 

Without a fantastic, ‘soap opera’ style on-boarding welcome email sequence you may have a list, but they won’t buy from you.

Sorry to be  the bearer of bad news, and the truth is you MUST have these basics down if you want to make your business POP and to get clients. 

If the above P*sses you off, then I understand and please feel free to click away... Ignore what I've said and keep struggling for another few years. 

However if you’re DONE with the struggle, READY to listen and IMPLEMENT something different, then read on.


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Over the past few years I’ve had the privilege of seeing behind the scenes of many online businesses first hand - Coaches, speakers and online entrepreneurs, successful and not so successful - I’ve seen EXACTLY what works when it comes to marketing your business online, and what doesn’t.

Personally I’ve had a fully booked schedule since I went full time freelance 2 years ago.

I have a thriving practice filled with clients that I love to work with, where I can use my expertise and natural tenants for internet marketing to help them get results.

Like this: "Julie helped me to create copy and grow my list by 700%." ~

This puts me in a unique position to be able to help YOU get the results you crave too. 

I’m going to level with you, there's no quick fix. Running an online business can be hard. However if you’re willing to draw on my experience, work together with a NO EXCUSES POLICY and implement the advise I give you, then you CAN create the business you want, including bringing in clients who are a great fit consistently.

I've got your back. If you're really ready to DO THIS, I'm in too!

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I'm Julie. 


It's my mission to help YOU be successful with your online marketing. 


Because I know what you're capable of when you're well supported...


I know that as soon as YOU are taken care of, when your heart centred business is THRIVING, that positive energy you create through your business will spill out into the world and lift us all up!


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I can help you find your true voice in your business, develop your brand story and share it in a way that will appeal to your ideal clients (the ones who seem to be hiding right now). 


I can help you develop content that 'attracts' your bestie clients. 


For example, I worked together with a client and created a story based Facebook ad campaign for her. The ad got a ton of engagement and better still the opt in page we created for her converted at 53% because we were telling her story in a way her ideal clients could hear and relate to. 


Feel free to browse & absorb some of the free content on the blog

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Welcome! I'm pleased you're here.